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These are our songs from the split with Young Attenborough. You can hear the whole thing over at catsayerecords.bandcamp.com/album/wegrowbeards-young-attenborough-split

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released July 6, 2012



all rights reserved
Track Name: Emmeline
When the search for women’s suffrage was denied, by the conservative majority of 1905
Emmeline demanded deeds not words, and the voice of women’s suffrage called out to be heard.
So they gathered around parliament and started to peacefully protest,
But the police crashed in and caused the civil unrest.

And they said “No! no! no! We don’t want to go!
We’re not leaving here until you give us the vote!”
Oh Emmeline, Emmeline can you hear me?
Through the depths of time, I’m standing by your side.

They were accused of disruption in the quest for state, by the liberal majority of 1908
Emmeline demanded answers and quick, so she marched to confront Earl Asquith.
She was charged with obstruction and sentenced to six weeks in jail
But this only served to strengthen her spirit to prevail
Track Name: Conchies
A gift of a white feather so your cowardice should never go unnoticed by your neighbours or your kin.
There’s a war on son, so go grab your gun without spilling Europe’s blood how will we win?

Be it moral implications or religious indignations, neither’s gonna stand up to the test.
What right do you think you have to avoid a national draft? England kills her sons with the best.

Objection! Emotion overruled.
Keep your feelings to yourself cos we’re ignoring you.
England’s gripped in war fever hence,
You can die in Flanders’ fields with the rest.

Fighting in France in ’16 and the ranks are running thin so we’re recruiting with the bachelor’s bill.
But you could work at home or rot in a prison with your lot, must be a coward if you don’t want to kill.

And your lofty dreams of fighting for the glory
Have drowned with your pals in the mud.
It is just another war story.
And you’re swallowed by the fire and the blood.
Track Name: Ponte
In the second civil war, the peasants knocked at the door of the castle at good old Ponte town.
The guards let them in, but then found out that within, the peasants disguised they were soldiers of the crown.

1648, Marmaduke Langdale, tried to break the siege at good old Pontefract.
The flair of Royalist rebellion piqued at Cromwell’s succession, so he marched his army there to take it back.

And with three long sieges, three hard fights, the people of Ponte burnt and bled
Till the peasants of the land decided to take the power back and smashed down the castle in the end.

Running out of food and running out of good luck, the soldiers fought all day and all night.
Until the people of the area, forced on by mass hysteria, made what to do what was right.